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Gumball machines, as many people know, is a vending machine that gives you gumballs for a set price. Although personalised rock sweets are often featured in candy stores, there are numerous online web sites and traditional candy shops that also sell these popular retro treats. In fact, the tradition of selling gumballs from a machine goes back to the the 1900s when bubble gum machines were first introduced to U.K. and U.S. markets.

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Today, the gumball is the king of traditional sweets sold in both vending machines and in retail packaging. While the original price for a gumball was one penny for nearly 50 years, the price of gum gradually started to rise and with it the cost of gumballs. Hence, a standard gumball will cost you about 25 cents today.

Gumball machines still very retro

Although there are many classic bubble gum machines still in existence at amusement parks and other places where retro candy machines of the past are displayed, there continues to be interest in vending machines that dispense wee balls of gum in bright colors. In fact, a longtime gumball fan commenting online explained his fascination with gumballs going back to his childhood when his parents would reward him for chores done around the house with money to buy gumballs. Flash forward 40 years, and this gumball fan says he is now doing the same with his own kids by rewarding them with the treasured gumballs.

Moreover, there are all sorts of bubble gum machines on the market today.

For instance, the following gum machines are sold at top online candy machine web sites. The machines include

- Commercially styled gumball machines

- Carousel styled gumball machines

- Single-headed machines with display stand

- Double-headed machines with display stand

- Triple-headed machines with display stand

- Spiral machines that feature a coin going around

- Gas pump looking retro machines

In general, there are retro bubble gum machines that look old fashioned but are very modern in operation and service when it comes to taking coins to dispense gumballs.

Gumballs serve business and toy markets

There are many different types of gum machines that are sold both commercially and for retail purposes today. In addition, there are bubble gum machines that are toys to be enjoyed along with dispensing a gumball. For example, one popular gumball machine also serves as a bank where the child inserts a coin to be saved and, in return, a gumball is dispensed for enjoyment.

Also, there is a lot of nostalgia linked to the design of classic gumball machines that feature a distinctive shiny red chrome color with a huge glass dome to hold the gumballs. In turn, there are many kids - both young and old - who think having a piece of bubble gum dispensed from a machine as a real treat.

Overall, there are both commercial and personal gumball machines that are a lot of fun for kids and others who enjoy the experience of placing a coin in a slot and then turning the handle to dispense a big colorful ball of gum.